Pau López charges against Lardín in his farewell to Espanyol

Pau López has officially announced his departure from Espanyol today at a press conference He has criticized hard the management of the sport director of the club, Jordi Lardín Pau López  has announced his  departure from Espanyol  in a bitter press conference. The goalkeeper until now blue and white has explained the reasons for his departure with special emphasis on  Jordi Lardín , who has been  criticized harshly by the poor management of the sport and his situation in the club over the past years . d.

Although Lardín is no longer in the position, Pau López has indicated him as guilty of his departure, although he has also appointed former delegate Ramon Robert. He has told chronologically the reasons that have led him to make this decision:  "In life I will speak ill of Espanyol, it is the club that has formed me and that has given me the opportunity to be in First, but in some things the management has not It was the right one . " "Last season I'm going to England with a purchase option. In March, the Tottenham communicates to me that he wants to sign me but he does not want to pay the agreed amount, because after one year of contract was too high. The Espanyol, through its sports director, decides that either pay the seven million or must return, " explained the young goalkeeper.Get the best odds and bet with betshoot tips.

"The sports director tells me that they are happy to come back, I start the season with Espanyol, the months go by and I do not have any answers or proposals, the sports director tells me that the club does not count on me and that I listen to a series of proposals. in the last week of August, it does not bother me that Espanyol has sold me, but that one thing is said and another is made , " the goalkeeper continued, clearly pointing to Lardín.

Finally he admitted that the proper management has arrived late:  "In October the first meeting arrives and he asks us if we have predisposition to renew, we say that we are not happy with the deal, but that we are open to receive any proposal. they send it to us, a month and a half to be free, they are complicated weeks, the management has come too late, I do not answer this proposal for a very clear reason: I am not leaving Espanyol for money, otherwise I would go to where My situation here was not economic but because I felt comfortable, and I did not feel valued by that person who represents the club . " Finally, he spoke about the new sports director, Óscar Perarnau:  "On February 1, I inform him that I will not continue, I ask him to keep it quiet and he has done it, he is a person that can be trusted. Espanyol will pull forward, unfortunately for me, the change has come late . " Pau Lopez bids farewell to Espanyol  without an official destination , but for weeks now  points to Real Betis for the summer market .